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Psych! Guy Fieri Doesn't Want to Put a Winery in Santa Rosa After All

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He may be dropping his plans completely.


Human lava lamp Guy Fieri doesn't take criticism or rejection well. Today, The Press-Democrat reports that Fieri would not be appealing his plans to build Hunt-Ryd Winery — named after his sons Hunter and Ryder  — on Willowside Road in Santa Rosa, Calif. For nearly two years the Food Network star and restaurateur has been applying to build a family winery near his home in Santa Rosa. Last month, the Sonoma County Board of Zoning Adjustments rejected Fieri's proposal.

Apparently, Fieri isn't very friendly with his neighbors. At last month's hearing, 150 of Fieri's neighbors showed up to oppose the project. According to the Press-Democrat, "[d]ozens carried signs denouncing Fieri's plans or wore arm bands to show their opposition."

Fieri had a month to appeal the board's decision, but did not file an appeal. Fieri has also not responded to requests for a comment.

Could Hunt-Ryd Winery be down for the count? Or where will Fieri's fiery flame of hair pop up next? Napa, we're looking at you.

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