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Kosher-Certified Pot Edibles May Soon Become a Reality

The Orthodox Union believes that cannabis has "clear medical benefits."


Medical marijuana may soon come with a Kosher seal of approval. According to the Jewish Daily Forward, the Orthodox Union's kosher certification agency has held "preliminary discussions" with multiple medical marijuana companies interested in obtaining the certification. Since marijuana is a plant, kosher certification is not needed for plain cannabis. However, in places like New York State where patients "will not be allow to smoke pot" — they will only be able to use medical marijuana in the form of pills, food, or drink — edible products will require certification.

While the Orthodox Union has refused to certify items like cigarettes in the past, Rabbi Moshe Elefant, who heads up the certification division tells the Forward that there should be no issue certifying medical marijuana. This is because they feel that it has been demonstrated that cannabis has "clear medical benefits."

It appears that medical cannabis is steadily gaining mainstream acceptance: Not only will it soon possibly have kosher certification, but it is also the subject of an upcoming cookbook. Called Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking With Cannabis, the book will very likely include a chapter written by noted author Michael Ruhlman. Plus, there are rumors that reality star Bethenny Frankel — who is behind the low-calorie cocktail brand Skinnygirl — is developing her own strain of pot, "designed to not give you the munchies."

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