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Man Arrested After Trying to Pay His Bar Tab With a Rock

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He also brought in a suitcase he claimed might contained a bomb.

4th Quarter Bar & Grille/Facebook

Alternative forms of payment  — including selfieshugs, and kisses — are all the rage these days, so do you really blame a man for trying to pay with a rock? According to the Huffington Post, 23-year-old Jared Simpson visited 4th Quarter Bar & Grille in Tallahassee, Florida last week and rang up a $10 tab. He allegedly tried to hand the bartender a rock as payment. When the bartender told Simpson that a rock "wasn't legal tender" he became extremely angry, threw a ripped-up dollar bill at her, and then said "he would pay her in other ways."

Witnesses tell WCTV that Simpson left the bar and then returned wearing a gray suit for reasons unknown. When bartenders asked him to leave again if he couldn't pay his tab, he stepped out of the bar and returned with a briefcase. Simpson set the briefcase down and declared that "anyone who goes near this will die," before running out for the last time. When police apprehended Simpson across the street, he told them that the briefcase contained "maybe a bomb or a baby."

The strange behavior continued: Simpson proclaimed that he had been "shot up in the war" but refused to reveal what branch of the military he had served in. He further explained that he is a "rainbow man" so he "wouldn't comply with law enforcement requests."

A cook told WCTV that he suspected something was "not quite right" with Simpson from the moment he walked in: "He came in here and tried to pay for his drinks with a rock. So I figured something was wrong with him then." Simpson was arrested and ordered to undergo a psychiatric exam. The bar was evacuated and cleared of any bomb threat and has since re-opened. Checkout the local news story below: