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Waffle House Partners With Package Delivery Start-Up Roadie

The chain will serve as a meeting point for delivery drivers, senders, and receivers.


Famed breakfast chain Waffle House has announced a new partnership with delivery start-up Roadie. According to the Wall Street Journal, Roadie — which hopes to compete with companies like FexEx and UPS — offers travelers a chance to "earn some extra pocket money by delivering packages on the way to where they are already going." Waffle Houses around the country will now be a part of the network of pickup points for Roadie users: It will serve a place for "drivers to rendezvous with both senders and receivers" of goods.

This type of partnership is new territory for the Georgia-based chain: CEO Walt Ehmer tells the paper that he never "previously envisioned" Waffle House joining forces with a start-up. Waffle House's well-known hours of operation — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — makes it an ideal pick up and drop off location. These are hours that Fedex and UPS do not offer. A press release notes that currently, Waffle House has 1,750 locations in 25 states. There's no word on how Waffle House will be compensated for its participation, or if it will be at all, but Roadie — which launched last month — recently secured $10 million in a round of funding.

So far, only 50 people have used the app to make deliveries, but perhaps this partnership will help increase that number. After all, Waffle House is a bit of a celebrity hotspot: it is selfie queen Kim Kardashian's favorite place for a late night double date.

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