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Why is Noma Hosting a Club Monaco Pop-Up Shop?

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The world's number-one restaurant is selling clothes and handmade yurts.

Club Monaco at Noma is a real thing that exists.
Club Monaco at Noma is a real thing that exists.
Alice Gao for Club Monaco at Noma/Facebook

The world's number-one restaurant Noma is now hosting a Club Monaco pop-up shop, finally answering the age-old question, "What exactly does one wear when foraging for Danish hornet larvae?" The Wall Street Journal says in addition to selling clothing, the temporary boutique located inside Rene Redzepi's Copenhagen restaurant is also hawking "a curated assortment of goods, including vintage books from New York's Strand bookstore, woven art installations, and handcrafted wooden yurts made in Brooklyn" (really though).

Club Monaco's creative director offers the following non-explanation for this super-weird collaboration: "Clothing and food are fundamentals of life. There is something incredibly special about wearing designs that are well-made or tasting something fresh from the earth that evokes the sensation of comfort and understated luxury." Sure, why not.

At least if you can't get a coveted reservation, Noma will still take your money. The restaurant is also trying to pawn off $3,000 shelving units and $65 pairs of chopsticks following the end of their Japanese pop-up, which concluded February 14.

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