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Girl Scouts Robbed by Grown Man While Selling Cookies

Police got the money back and then bought a bunch of cookies.

John Moore/Getty Images

A thief in California just learned not to mess with Girl Scouts the hard way. According to NBC Bay Area, a Girl Scout troop was selling cookies outside a San Jose Safeway store when a 23-year-old suspect snatched their cash box and ran off with it. The man stupidly returned to the scene of the crime a few minutes later, at which point a witness was able to jot down his license plate number.

Police quickly apprehended him and recovered the cash box, which the suspect had disposed of in a nearby creek. In the end, "the girls got their money back, and on top of that, police bought $240 worth of cookies and gave the troop $60 cash." Awwww. Girl Scouts have had a rough time as of late: Earlier this month, a Girl Scout in Indiana was shot in the leg while selling cookies.

In happier news, folks in Arkansas love Girl Scout Cookies so much they're honoring them with their very own Restaurant Week. Little Rock news station THV 11 says starting today through March 1, "a different restaurant will feature a special dessert inspired by the cookies" including a Samoas milkshake and a "Do-Si-Do-inspired jar dessert." Meanwhile, the country is bravely soldiering on through the Great Thin Mint Shortage of 2015.

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