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Ohio College Apologizes for Offensive Black History Month Menu

It featured fried chicken and collard greens.

Wright State University/Facebook

An Ohio university is apologizing after its cafeteria displayed a Black History Month menu that capitalized on racial stereotypes. Dayton's Wright State University "found itself in hot water after the electronic menu screens at the school cafeteria featured items like fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread under photos of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other black leaders throughout US history," Jezebel writes. A photo of the digital menu display quickly began circulating on Twitter and Facebook, with many voicing their disgust with the school's tone-deaf menu.

The menu was quickly removed and the college's president has issued an official apology. Per the Associated Press, the company that provides dining services for the school put out a statment saying " ... in no way was the promotion associated with Black History Month meant to be insensitive," but admitting that "it could have done a better job providing context."

Wright State's dining hall isn't the first establishment to make this blunder. In 2010, the NBC cafeteria offered a nearly identical menu during Black History Month. The company only took down the menu after musician Questlove tweeted it out.