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Red Robin Introduces Dunkable Brownies With Perplexing Name: Fruffles

Fries + truffles = fruffles?

Red Robin

Restaurant chain Red Robin has just unveiled a highly gimmicky new dessert. According to a riveting press release, the new Chocolate Fruffles are "rich chocolate fudge bars in the shape of Red Robin's famous Bottomless Steak Fries, dipped in dark chocolate, and bejeweled with French sea salt and sugar crystals." The Fruffles are also served with whipped cream and "ketchup." Just kidding, it's really raspberry dipping sauce! Those tricksters.

promo image for the dessert says the Fruffles are actually made of "soft fudge brownies." If the typical portmanteau style of naming hybrid foods is followed here, shouldn't that mean they would actually be called Frownies?

At any rate, the innovation team at Red Robin is clearly on some kind of roll: Last year they introduced a line of wine milkshakes, followed by cronut knockoffs called Doh! Rings. Then in January, the chain launched a Lent-related campaign that promised to give out free crab cake burgers if the Pope would show up at one of their restaurants. Cool it with the overachieving Red Robin, you're making the rest of us look bad.