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OpenTable's Valentine's Day Reservations by the Numbers

It was the highest one day volume in the company's history.


Valentine's Day is incredibly popular in America. Over 62 percent of the nation admits to celebrating the holiday. As a whole, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend $18.9 billion on Valentine's Day. This includes buying 58 million pounds of chocolate, dropping $1.7 billion on candy, and forking over $3.6 billion on a special night out, including dinner out at restaurant.

This year, restaurant reservation site OpenTable had a very busy night. The company published an infographic with some crazy numbers about the reservations made on Valentine's Day this year. Check them out below:

2 Million: Number of diners seated. The highest in company history.

400: Highest number of searches per second on the website at one time.

81: Percent of reservations for tables for two.

3: Times as many reservations notes that mentioned a wife or a girlfriend verse the number of notes that mentioned a husband or boyfriend.

375: Reservation notes "referencing marriage proposals."

1: Reservation notes requesting a Barry White soundtrack to said proposal.

45: Percent of reservations booked in the week leading up to Valentine's Day

10: Percent of reservations booked on Valentine's Day. Procrastinators, you are not alone.