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Ketchup Company Invents Absurd 'Wearable Tomato' Device for Marathon Runners

It feeds runners tomatoes to fuel them during the race.


A Japanese ketchup company has invented a machine that sits atop a person's shoulders and feeds them tomatoes. According to Mashable, Kagome created the strange device — which looks like humanoid robot — for runners participating in the 2015 Tokyo Marathon taking place this weekend. The robot sits on a runner's shoulders and features an arm that "swoops down on command to deploy tomatoes to a runner's mouth." It's like running 26 miles with a somewhat heavy robot toddler on your shoulder feeding you produce.

A spokesperson for Kagome tells the Wall Street Journal that the idea for the "wearable tomato" machine came about when one of the company's developers "realized how athletes tend to rely on bananas as a quick meal when running." The ketchup company conveniently believes that tomatoes — which are plentiful in beta-carotene, critic acid, and amino acids — could "replace bananas only if eating them while running were easier." While it seems a bit unwieldy, who knows, it may just catch on.

Perhaps one day the world will see shouty chef/Ironman athlete Gordon Ramsay wearing one during a race. Check out a video about the device below:

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