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McDonald's Now Selling Its Big Mac Special Sauce for $18,000 a Bottle

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It comes in a fancy wooden box.

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Sick of Sriracha? Need a new sauce to squirt on everything? You're in luck: According to the Independent, McDonald's is finally selling bottles of its super secret, questionably orange, Big Mac Special Sauce. Yes, now you can make everything taste like hangovers and broken childhood memories. Until now, the only way customers could get their hands on the sauce was to eat copious amounts of Big Macs, or attempt to make one of the thousands of copycat recipes.

Only 200 500ml bottles are being produced and the first is currently up for grabs on eBay. If you have nearly $18,000 to blow that is. Currently, the bid is at $23,000 AUD ($18,056 USD) with eight days left to go, and all proceeds will go to charity. The description on eBay might just sell you on the hefty price tag: It promises that the sauce will make everything taste better — including Hungarian Goulash and "your boyfriend's gross lasagne" — because it will all just taste like a Big Mac. Plus with 500ml to experiment with "you'll have enough to impress your friends at dinner parties, cheat your way to cooking show fame, and get elected as Prime Minister!"

If you miss your chance on eBay (or don't want to drop thousands of dollars) and can get to Australia, Metro writes that McDonald's will sell 600 25ml tubs of the sauce in locations around the country for just 50 cents ($.39 USD). The Independent notes that lines will probably be around the block. Perhaps if McDonald's sold the sauce full time, it could save the struggling chain from financial ruin.

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