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Fake Restaurant Abbrev's Will Leave You Wanting More

Austin, Texas's Abbrev's is a restaurant with a focus on leaving you hungry.

Abbrev's "s.s. tun" tuna tartare dish
Abbrev's "s.s. tun" tuna tartare dish
Danny Palumbo

Here's the website for fictional fine dining restaurant Abbrev's from Austin's Anthony and Danny Palumbo (the fake restaurateurs who brought the world fine dining for children years before Jessica Biel ever dreamed of her "Soho House for Kids" concept). Abbrev's specializes in abbreviated version of dishes, designed to "create an entirely new dining experience where the 'eater' is only somewhat satisfied but thoroughly intrigued."

s.s. crabs

"s.s. crabs" at Abbrev's

Abbrev's fare includes "raw tun," a tuna tartare served in a 1/4 tablespoon measuring cup, "s.s. crab," a seafood platter served inside a mesh tea ball infuser, and the microscopic "mostly garnish (observe only)," which is mostly what it sounds like. Diners can sip on abbreviated beverages like the artisanal "Bro Bro Old Fash'" or a glass of "Pinot Grig" while they eat.

Take a look around Abbrev's website and don't miss the page featuring the chef's very cool tatts.

I'm a chef

Chef Palumbo's "I'M A CHEF" knuckle tatts