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Angry Customer Hurls Cash Registers at Little Caesars Employee

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The reasons why are still unknown.


Bill Murray may have loved the time he spent working at Little Caesars, but it's highly unlikely that an employee of a Philadelphia location of the pizza chain will look back on his time at the chain fondly. writes that on Valentine's Day, a man walked into the restaurant and started swinging at the 35-year-employee behind the counter before throwing anything within arms' reach in his direction.

In the (now private) video — which has no audio — the irate customer picks up the credit card machine before lobbing it at the worker.Two women who clearly know the customer attempt to pull him away, while two onlookers sit there and do nothing. The man rejects his companions' attempts and proceeds to become even more violent, pushing the cash register at the employee. He smashes a variety of boxes and a display case, and then shoves another cash register towards the employee before finally leaving. Due to the lack of audio, it is still unclear as to what set him off: Maybe he's mad at how much bacon is on the chain's newest pizza? Or perhaps he really hates pretzel crusts? The police are currently on the hunt for the suspect.

It has been quite the month for pizza-related anger issues. Earlier this week, a woman slammed her Volkswagen Jetta into a Pizza Hut in New York after the chain reportedly lost her order. Police say she was upset the order she placed online was not there when she arrived at the store, so she decided to drive her car into the restaurant, cracking its glass doors.

UPDATE 2/23/2015: The video of the incident has been made private, so the embed has been removed.

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