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Stoner Gets the Most Magical Email From Chipotle, Ever

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This is how customer service is supposed to work.


A stoned Redditor wrote Chipotle an angry email after seeing a "Chipotle/Exxon" ad on his TV. And, like magic, a Chipotle rep wrote him back an hour later:

We definitely haven't partnered with Exxon.

The only thing I can find online that might suggest this is a fake commercial that aired on Parks & Rec recently. Which is an awesome show as far as I'm concerned, but I'm sorry if it caused any confusion! You can read the article I found on that here [link]. Thanks for your support of our stance on the carnitas shortage!

From the Fellowship of the Foil, A.

The stoned Redditor replied: "Wow I'm retarded, I need to stop smoking so much weed."

And then he got another email:

Glad to have set you straight, Alex. The next time the munchies hit, hopefully you can head for Chipotle and feel good about where your money is going. :)

Your friend in the burrito business, A.

Check the Parks and Rec site for the fake commercial. And here's an even funnier one from the show's fast food chain Paunch Burger.

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