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Esquire's Booze Shows Brew Dogs and Best Bars in America Return on April 1

It's a good night for booze lovers.

The stars of Brew Dogs.
The stars of Brew Dogs.
Brew Dogs/Facebook

The third season of Esquire Network's beer show Brew Dogs, and the second season of Best Bars in America will both premiere April 1. According to a press release, the show will follow stars James Watt and Martin Dickie — the founders of a brewery in the UK of the same name — as they celebrate "distinctive craft beers." The duo will spend their time creating "locally-inspired drafts" in major cities around the world including Brooklyn, Berlin, Vancouver, Miami, and more. Watt and Dickie are responsible for the world's strongest beer (55% ABV), but who knows, maybe they'll find a way to top it this season.

Best Bars in America is back for another season too. Inspired by the annual list in Esquire magazine, comedians Sean Patton and Jay Larson will embark on yet another "cross-country bar crawl." This season, the duo will drink an incredible amount in cities like Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and more. Per the release, themed episodes will reveal "the best speakeasies, bar food, and games" in each city.

America appears to have a fondness for booze-centric shows. National Geographic announced last year that it added a new drinking show to its line-up. Called Chug, it follows host and "drinkaloguer" Zane Lamprey as he visits "exotic and boozy locations" around the globe. Travel Channel also debuted a liquor-focused show called Booze Traveler last year. The show centers around host Jack Maxwell as he travels to 15 different countries during the series to learn about each country's "unique relationship to liquor."