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Two Men Robbed a Subway but Only Took a Sandwich

They were not interested in the cash.


People love free food, and some will go to serious lengths to not have to pay for a meal. According to KETV, two thieves robbed a Subway in Omaha but only stole a sandwich. Employees tell the news station that two men wearing hooded sweatshirts entered a local Subway Tuesday night. One of the robbers ordered a sandwich and then "displayed a firearm." The World-Herald notes that the gun looked like it was fake and plastic. Once the sandwich was made, the two men "fled from the store" with just the sandwich, and no cash. They didn't take any cookies either, which is a missed opportunity. It seems like a lot of effort to go through just for a free $5 foot long. Police are still looking for the sandwich bandits.

It seems that only the most gentle of thieves hit Subways: Earlier this year, a woman held up a location of the chain in Oklahoma City. Although she brandished a  gun while demanding cash from an employee working the register, she also showed her considerate side. Before fleeing, the robber apparently left the employee a $1 dollar tip, tossing a dollar bill in the tip jar while saying, "This is for you."