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Israeli Prime Minister Spent $24,000 on Takeout in One Year

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It has caused quite a scandal in Israel.

He loves his takeout.
He loves his takeout.
Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara are under fire for their takeout ordering habits. According to the Washington Post, the country's comptroller released a report "condemning" the Netanyahus for "excessive spending" of tax payers' money.

That works out to nearly $66 worth of takeout per day.

It's not hard to understand the appeal of ordering takeout: Thanks to a slew of websites and apps it's now possible to have piping hot food delivered to one's door with a few taps of a button. However, the report revealed that the Prime Minister and his wife spent 92,781shekels ($24,000) on takeout in 2011 alone. That works out to nearly $66 worth of takeout per day. This particular figure has caused quite the uproar because the Netanyahus have a live-in personal chef, so ordering so much takeout seems frivolous.

The Atlantic writes that this isn't the first time Netanyahu's spending habits on food have come under fire. Nearly two years ago, it was revealed that he had a $2,700 per annum budget — also from taxpayers' money — for ice cream. Apparently he's a fan of pistachio, while his wife prefers French vanilla. That's quite the hefty ice cream budget: With funds like that he could purchase 27 of these 16-scoop ice cream sundaes in year, which means he could order the extravagant dessert every other week if his heart so desired.

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