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Listen to Anthony Bourdain's Entire Interview on 'Opie With Jim'

There's tons of talk about jiu jitsu and the Middle East.

Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for DC Central Kitchen

Earlier today, Anthony Bourdain stopped by Sirius XM's Opie With Jim Norton show to talk with its two hosts about his famous love of jiu jitsu, why the existence of Olive Garden makes him "angry," and the unfortunate occurrence of groin tears. What does that particular injury feel like? "Have you ever taken an overcooked chicken and torn the legs off, bend the legs back?" Bourdain asks. "It feels like that."

But the Sirius hosts quickly get serious, asking Bourdain his thoughts about the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. Bourdain rehashes previous experiences in Libya, Pakistan, and Lebanon: He waxes poetic about why uncertainty is scarier than danger, and when prompted, confirms which Middle Eastern country has "the hottest women." (Bourdain also reveals he's heading back to Beirut later this week.) Opie and Jim also bombard Bourdain with a catered meal, lamenting that anything they feed the globe-trotting host wouldn't hold up to the gut-busting meals chronicled in Parts Unknown's Montreal episode. (Bourdain does say the catered Sunday gravy is "awesome.") Listen in to the entire interview below:

Video: Opie With Jim Norton - Anthony Bourdain In Studio (02/18/2015)

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