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Freeloaders Overwhelm NYC Starbucks Because Christina Aguilera

The songstress decided to give out free coffee.

Jazzed about free coffee.
Jazzed about free coffee.

Powerhouse chanteuse Christina Aguilera decided to take a break from belting ballads yesterday to treat some of her fans and/or nearby freeloaders to free coffee. The singer stopped by a Starbucks within New York City's Rockefeller Center yesterday around 5p.m., a source tells E! News.

After taking pictures with customers, she strutted over to the register and threw down some cash before proclaiming, "Anyone who comes up now until the sun comes home, it's on me." By "sun comes home" she apparently meant one hour: Aguilera tweeted out a photo of a Starbucks cup with the caption, "Coffee on me for the next hour! Head to 30 Rock! XoXtina."

While the amount of cash Aguilera dropped has not been revealed, it was apparently enough to buy numerous fans some version of a "mocha choca latte ya ya" courtesy of Xtina. While the songstress splurged on her fans, she did not pick up anything for herself in the end, so it's weird she stopped into the Starbucks in the first place. Or perhaps Flat Whites just aren't good for the vocal cords.

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