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Man Busted for Smuggling $150K in Jars of Nutella

Most expensive jars of Nutella ever.

Not the best vehicles for smuggling money.
Not the best vehicles for smuggling money.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Jars of beloved Italian hazelnut spread Nutella contain a lot of happiness, often in the form of sugar and fat. For one man, however, the jars stored happiness in the form of thousands of dollars in illegal money. According to the New York Post, customs officers arrested 47-year-old Federico Russani last week when he landed in Milan, Italy for smuggling nearly $150,000 in two Nutella jars. Apparently Russani thought he had the authorities "completely fooled" by his trick but during a routine scan of his luggage, customs officers spotted rolled Euro notes inside the Nutella-filled containers. When they asked Russani to explain the situation, he told the officers that the jars "were a present for his girlfriend who was pregnant and hand a craving for Nutella," adding that he had "brought them back from a business trip in Colombia."

Officers pointed out that he could have easily just bought his girlfriend Nutella in Italy — you know, where Nutella is from — instead of schlepping it all the way from South America. Russani made up something about "wanting to try a foreign version" but officers were just not having it. They confiscated the money and are currently holding Russani for questioning.

If Russani does indeed have a pregnant girlfriend with cravings for Nutella, he should consider purchasing the 3D printer that allows users to print Nutella. Or, he could spend the money on a trip to New York City to take her to the Nutella Bar. He could also have just flown in hundreds of personalized jars from the UK.

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