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Jon Favreau Invests in Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson's Fast Food Start-Up Loco'l

He will donate the princely sum of $7,500.

Rich Polk/Getty Images

Award-winning director/writer/actor Jon Favreau — and noted Roy Choi BFF — has signed on to help drum up donations for Loco'l, Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson's fast food start-up. Earlier this year, Choi and Patterson launched an Indiegogo campaign for Loco'l. The nascent company is asking for $150,000 from fans, friends, and big time investors. So far, it has raised just over $35,000.

Today, Jon Favreau announced his pledge to support Loco'l though a $7,500 match grant challenge. Once the campaign reaches $75,000 in donations, he will match it with $7,500.

Per a release, Favreau says: "I really admire what Roy and Daniel are setting out to accomplish with Loco'l. Bringing chef-driven fast food to customers in underserviced communities would offer a wonderful alternative to what's available at a competitive price with the big chains. I am inviting people to join me in supporting this project. In success Loco'l can spread to other communities. The restaurant business is notoriously challenging and they need our help in getting Loco'l off the ground."

Go watch Jon Favreau explain his investment in Loco'l: