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Billionaire Warren Buffett Rejects Oscars Invite to Eat Blizzards at Dairy Queen

"I'm having my own awards dinner that night at the local Diary Queen."

The face only Dairy Queen can make smile.
The face only Dairy Queen can make smile.
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett turned down an invitation to the Oscars to eat at Dairy Queen. According to Page Six, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein invited Buffett to Hollywood for the awards ceremony, but Buffet kindly declined for the second time in a row. Last year, Buffett responded with a note saying, "Since I didn't get nominated this year, I am just going to stay home." This year, he played up the joke, writing: "Since the Academy continues to ignore me, I am having my own awards dinner that night at the local Dairy Queen. It's very exclusive — so far I'm the only one who has accepted."

Warren will most likely follow through with his plans Sunday night, when the Oscars air. The billionaire's company Berkshire Hathaway actually owns Dairy Queen. Eating Blizzards in sweatpants is probably more fun than watching acceptance speeches in a tux, anyways. Plus, Buffett has a penchant for the simpler foods in life. While dining at the swanky Four Seasons restaurant in New York City, Buffett made a special request for a Cherry Coke, which the restaurant staff had to run out and purchase. He also wanted dessert from Dairy Queen, of course, but at the time the city didn't have any Dairy Queen locations, so he had to settle for cookies

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