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Watch Jimmy Fallon Unveil His New Ben & Jerry's Flavor, The Tonight Dough

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Get it?

Ice cream godfathers ‎Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield — otherwise known as Ben & Jerry — made a special appearance last night on The Tonight Show to help host Jimmy Fallon unveil his new ice cream flavor. Called The Tonight Dough, the flavor replaces Fallon's once-popular Late Night Snack. The Tonight Dough flavor mixes caramel and chocolate ice creams with a chunky swirl of chocolate cookie dough, as well as "gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough." Fallon is especially pleased that the new flavor is non-GMO and uses all fair trade ingredients; all of the proceeds go to charity.

Fallon instructs his audience: "Go to your scoop shops and request this flavor! When this Sunday's New York Times best-selling ice cream list comes out, I want to be number one!"

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