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Here's Why Girl Scout Cookies Taste Different Across the Country

The cookies vary greatly by region.


A Thin Mint is a Thin Mint is a Thin Mint, right? Wrong. According to Central Track, that sweet and innocent troop of cookie sellers the Girl Scouts have been lying to the world about their famed treats. They claim that while the cookies are baked by two different bakeries (which supply different regions), the cookies themselves are consistent across the country, even though the names may vary. The organization insists that while Samoas maybe called Caramel deLites in some parts of the country, they taste the same. Central Track did some serious investigative work however, and found that this was not true.

The team ordered boxes that came from the two different bakeries — ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers — of the "same" type of cookies and compared the sweets side by side. They found that the Thin Mints made by Little Brownie are "much smoother on the outside" than those by ABC. Little Brownie also uses dark chocolate for the stripes on the Samoas and adds more caramel to the cookie than its ABC counterpart. Even the Trefoil shortbread cookies look noticeably different, though they have the "least variation in taste."

For those who can't bear to order cookies this year after learning of such a betrayal, there's still a way to get a sensory fix. Yankee is now selling Girl Scout cookie-scented candles for your sniffing pleasure.