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Watch Guy Fieri's Deleted Scene from 'The Interview'

Could Guy Fieri bring peace to the Middle East?

Human lava lamp and Mayor of Flavortown Guy Fieri can add another line to his lengthy and questionable resume: Harbinger of peace in the Middle East. In December news broke that Fieri made a cameo in the controversial film The Interview, starring actors Seth Rogan and James Franco. In the film, he is simply mentioned in a trailer for Franco's character's talk show, but it turns out that Fieri originally had a much larger role that was eventually edited out.

According to Vulture, a deleted scene from the movie shows Fieri attempting to solve the Israeli-Palestine conflict with the leaders of the two nations with "spicy and tangy falafel[s] with chipotle sauce." As luck would have it, his method worked: "Gentlemen I think you have just found a little bit of common ground in a place we call Flavortown."

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