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Gold-Laced Caviar a Bargain at $41,450 Per Teaspoon

It comes from the roe of an almost-extinct fish.


Because unnecessary gold flake is the best way to improve anything, an Austrian fish farmer is now selling caviar from the nearly extinct albino sturgeon, upping its luxury content by adding flecks of gold. Yahoo reports the over-the-top caviar will hit the market at £73,000 ($112,070 U.S.) per kilogram — and that's the "specialty" price offered to select/favorite customers. According to its creators Walter and Patrick Gruell, the 22-karat gold item will cost normal folks "at least £200,000 per kilo," thanks to the roe's rarity.

At that inflated price, the Daily Mail crunches the math to determine the caviar's price tag translates to £27,000 (or $41,450) a teaspoon, a luxury for only the highest of high-rollers. (Those who really want to show off can perhaps add the stuff to a full-on caviar bath, the colossal waste of caviar that an upcoming multi-billion-dollar spa hopes to offer soon.)