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Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef Site Exposed to Hackers and Malware

The world saving chef could not save his website from hackers.

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

If you were hoping to spend some quality time perusing world-saving chef Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef website, you're out of luck. Forbes writes that the site — which sees an average of 10 million visits per month — has been hacked. Those who try to visit the site — which now appears to be down — are redirected to a WordPress site run by the hackers. The site then tries to "force malware to run on visitors' computers" by asking them to install fake software updates, "which end up wreaking havoc on the system." Security firm Malwarebytes detected the attacks and says the malware redirection might have been on the site for more than three days. Jamie Oliver's camp has yet to comment on the attacks.

Oliver is far from the first prominent chef or food purveyor to have his website hacked. In July, Syrian activists hacked chef Thomas Keller's websites: The website for the French Laundry displayed a large version of the Syrian Electronic Army's logo with bright red text that read, "Your site Was Hacked By Daemon Of Darkness." In 2013, hackers attacked Hudson Valley Foie Gras's website and distributed the names, address, phone numbers, and email address of the producer's customers to animal rights groups.

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