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Red Robin's New Giveaway Hinges on Papal Visit That Will Not Happen

The chain promises to give out free crab cake burgers if the Pope stops by.


Burger chain Red Robin is hoping the Pope will bless the restaurant with his presence during Lent. According to a press release about the company's latest obvious marketing stunt, Red Robin will give away free food to customers if Pope Francis stops into any U.S. location between February 18 and April 2. If he does, Red Robin will offer their "Lent-friendly" crab cake burger to customers for free on the remaining Fridays during Lent.

There's no word if the Pope will accept the chain's "divine invitation," but no doubt he has better things to do besides eat Cronut knock-offs at the restaurant that serves the "single unhealthiest" meal a person can order at a chain. While it's known that the Pope has a soft spot for wine and ice cream, it's highly unlikely he'll be knocking back the chain's signature wine milkshakes in the allotted time period — namely because they sound gross, but also because he's not scheduled to visit the U.S. until September anyway. No crab cake burger has enough sway to change that, only some serious divine intervention will. Checkout the weird invite below:

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