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Eater Names Erin DeJesus Reports Editor, Kat Odell Drinks Editor

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Brace for even more Eater.

It's just February, and 2015 is already shaping up to be a most excellent year for food and restaurant coverage online. Case in point: Eater is promoting two staff veterans into key positions as they push our coverage in new directions.

First up, Kat Odell, Eater's LA editor from 2009 - 2014 and Editorial Producer for the past year working on video initiatives, will launch a drinks section in late March. As Drinks Editor, Kat will conceive of and assign stories and columns covering the entire world of drinks, from beer, wine, and sake to cocktails, coffee, tea, juice, and more. Like the rest of the site, Eater Drinks will provide beverage writing that's accessible but also edgy, smart, fun. It will be a place to geek out without feeling intimidated, a place to learn, to comment, to get weird. And (drum roll) for the first time in Eater's history, recipes will not be off limits. She's @kat_odell.

Meanwhile, Erin DeJesus will transition to fully lead our Reports division. While Eater longform uses food as a springboard to explore broader cultural issues, Eater Reports responds thoughtfully to both breaking news and restaurant trends. (They're equally captivated by everything from the newest reservation system to fine-dining chefs going fast-casual to the ongoing foie gras fight.) Erin joined Eater in 2010 as the Eater Portland editor and started moonlighting as a national reporter in 2013. She is committed to pushing Eater coverage into the worlds of public policy, science, tech, and pop culture. She's @asteriskerin.

Reach out, say hi, and read more about the moves over on Poynter. This will be fun.

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