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Coca-Cola's New 'Super Milk' Fairlife Is Super Weird

The chocolate flavor doesn't suck though.


Coca-Cola's strange new "super milk" Fairlife has officially hit shelves across the country. No it's not from super cows but instead features 50 percent more "natural" protein and calcium than regular milk and 30 percent less sugar thanks to a special filtration process. So far, reviews have been mixed.

Of the three options — skim, 2%, and chocolate — the chocolate flavor is a clear winner. The Verge's Chris Plante offers up praise, writing that the flavor "sits on the spectrum between chocolate shake and milk that's stewed on a lazy Saturday morning in a bowl of Cocoa Puffs." While many like Fairlife's richness, others take issue with its aftertaste. Another point of contention? If that higher price tag is worth it. Below, the verdicts:

The It's Creepy News: "Fairlife is a little bit creepy to drink. The texture is much more viscous and thick than regular milk, and the odor is really strong, to the point that it smells almost spoiled. It tastes OK, but has a slightly musky flavor that reminds me of shelf-stable or reconstituted milk." — Rachel Sanders, Buzzfeed

The The Chocolate Milk Does Not Suck News: "The chocolate milk was the crowd favorite... It's very sweet, but not overpowering, and the consistency is creamier and thicker than regular milk." — Haley Peterson, Business Insider

The Good News: "It was very creamy. The 2% milk felt like whole. The chocolate one was delicious!" — Meg, Mr. C & Me

The Aftertaste Is Awful News: "To my surprise, Fairlife tastes, well, like milk. It looks and feels a little thicker than traditional milk, and has a slightly richer taste, especially the chocolate milk, which sits on the spectrum between chocolate shake and milk that's stewed on a lazy Saturday morning in a bowl of Cocoa Puffs... Fairlife's aftertaste is less appealing. A few minutes sipping a cup of chocolate Fairlife and then a cup of 2% Fairlife, the inside of my mouth had that malty feel that chases a protein shake."  — Chris Plante

The It's Better Than Trader Joe's Milk News: "All of us thought the Fairlife milk had better color and Will and I thought the Fairlife milk did in fact taste better than the Trader Joe's brand." — Alice, Dining With Alice

The It Tastes Like Milk News: "Jennifer reports the cookies held up well with the ‘super milk' and didn't notice any taste difference from regular — Neal Augenstein, WTOP

The Yay Fake Additives News: "Fairlife's Chocolate Reduced Fat Milk is pricey, contains artificial sweeteners, goes through an unfamiliar filtering process, and is distributed by one of the world's largest beverage companies, but I really like it. I think it has a surprisingly nice flavor for something that has artificial sweeteners, I'm all for more protein and calcium, and the price doesn't bother me too much because of what it offers over regular milk." — Marvo, Impulsive Buy