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Woman Slams Car Into a Pizza Hut After Employee Allegedly Lost Her Order

She shattered the restaurant's glass doors.


Hanger — or hunger-induced anger — can cause people to do some crazy things, including, perhaps, crashing their car into a restaurant. According to the Lower Hudson News, a woman backed her Volkswagen Jetta into a Pizza Hut in New Rochelle, NY after the chain reportedly lost her order.

Consumerist writes that witnesses "gave reporters different explanations for what had set the customer off." However, police say the woman was upset over the fact that the order she placed online was not there when she arrived at the store Sunday. The woman then angrily drove off after crashing into the restaurant and cracking its glass doors. Police managed to find her and make an arrest.

Of course, people crash cars into restaurants quite often. In 2011, two teenagers crashed a stolen car into another vehicle parked in front of a St. Louis Hooters. This caused the parked car to slam into the restaurant and it burst into flames upon impact. In San Diego, a driver accidentally mistook the accelerator of her car for the breaks and ended up crashing through the front wall of a Indian restaurant.