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Is the Epic Gordon Ramsay-Marco Pierre White Feud Finally Coming to an End?

Ramsay reportedly purchased a very expensive photograph of his former mentor from an art gallery.

Friends? Enemies? Frenemies?
Friends? Enemies? Frenemies?

Is the decades-long feud between British celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White finally coming to an end? Ramsay has reportedly attempted to make peace with his one-time mentor in the best way rich people know how — by throwing money at it.

Ramsay's alleged peace offering comes just after White celebrated the 25th anniversary of his iconic cookbook White Heat at a London art gallery. While Ramsay wasn't there in the flesh, the Daily Mail says the Hell's Kitchen star "did telephone the gallery to buy one of its prints of Marco by photographer Bob Carlos Clarke for £2,900" (around $4,500).

Ramsay once worked for the legendary chef White at the famed Harveys in London and is arguably White's most famous protege; the two chefs have been embroiled in a feud since the eighties. In recent years Ramsay has asserted that White's recipes weren't even suitable for dogs to eat and compared his choice of headwear to a Taliban member.

While White may be famous for being bad-tempered in the kitchen, Ramsay certainly outdoes him when it comes to shit-talking: The shouty chef has famously traded barbs with plenty of other celebrity chefs including Mario Batali and Jamie Oliver.

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