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Beverly Hills Woman Busted For Thieving From Tip Jars

She's being held on $20,000 bail.

The Tip Jar Bandit just couldn't resist.
The Tip Jar Bandit just couldn't resist.

The latest crime wave to rock the tony town of Beverly Hills was perpetrated by a 20-year-old girl who has earned the nickname the Tip Jar BanditAccording to CBS Los Angeles, Jessica Shub is thought to be behind as many as seven instances of tip jar thievery in the Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles areas; "authorities believe she stole up to $80 during each crime."

Beverly Hills police had reportedly been onto the Tip Jar Bandit since mid-January; while stealing from hourly workers who likely depend on tips to survive is pretty low, such a crime is considered a "low-priority misdemeanor" so it took a while to secure an arrest warrant. Police were finally able to nab Shub after a witness spotted her pinching out of the tip jar at a coffee shop on Thursday.

Earlier this month an armed robber who hit a Subway in Oklahoma City kindly dropped a dollar bill in the tip jar before she fled the scene; perhaps Shub will pick up some better manners from more seasoned criminals while she's sitting in jail? According to the LA Weekly, she's currently being held on suspicion of commercial burglary with bail set at $20,000.