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World's Tiniest Restaurant Holds Just One Table For Two

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How cozy.

Solo Per Due/Facebook

If you're the type of diner that demands the undivided attention of a server, a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Vacone, Italy might be a dream come true: Solo Per Due — which translates to "just for two" in Italian — caters to just two diners at a time, reports the Huffington Post.

According to the restaurant's website, "The building which houses Solo Per Due dates from the nineteenth century and is situated in a very evocative historical location." The grounds are home to the ruins of villa said to once belong to an ancient Latin poet by the name of Horace. Dinner at this very exclusive restaurant clocks in at 250 euros, or about $285 per person, but for true romantics, "Solo Per Due offers add-ons like fireworks, personalized transportation, musicians and floral decorations" at an extra cost.

The menu changes daily based on what's in season. Patrons can also stay overnight at the property and sleep on an "original wrought iron bed from the 1800s." (Hopefully the mattresses have been updated since then?)

Just don't forget to bring cash, because the world's smallest restaurant does not accept credit cards.

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