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Celebrate Black Saturday With Tacky Heart-Shaped Foods, Kitchen Disasters, and More

Valentine's Day coverage from across the Eater universe.

Garrett Hall

Cupid's day of reckoning AKA Black Saturday has arrived. Americans will spend an insane $18.9 billion on Valentine's Day this year — so whether you're headed out for a cheesy prix-fixe dinner replete with molten chocolate cake, or plan to spend the day drinking alone and watching adorable hamster videos, here's the best Valentine's Day coverage from the week in Eater. Check out the biggest kitchen disasters, the best last-minute gifts, and the tackiest-heart shaped foods:


Fieri Val

[Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.]

Forget Flowers and Give Your Valentine a Bacon Bouquet [EATX]

5 Valentine's Day Cards Featuring Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs [E]

16 Essential Chocolate Shops From Coast to Coast [E]

Dominique Ansel Peddles Flakes of Cronut Cast in Brass for Valentine's Day [ENY]



Andrea's in Las Vegas. [Photo: Barbara Kraft]

Hey, Procrastinating Lovers: Last-Minute Valentine's Day Reservations in 22 Cities [E]

Eight 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Menus That Don't Need to Exist [E]

Drop $30,000 on This Valentine's Day Package at Andrea's [ELV]

Where to Eat Actual Hearts in New York This Valentine's Day [ENY]

Australian McDonald's Dresses Up Like Fancy Restaurant For Valentine's Day [E]

Valentine's Day Mishaps From the Front Lines [EPDX]

9 Tacky Valentine's Day Options That May or May Not Melt Hearts [ECHI]

Make Out With a Stranger, Get a Free Smothered Burrito at Qdoba [E]

Sure, Why Not: Waffle House is Accepting Reservations for Valentine's Day [E]



[Photo: Boilermaker, NY]

Ask a Somm: When Pairing Chocolate and Wine, Which Should Be Sweeter? [E]

21 Bars Where You Can Forget It's Valentine's Day [E]


Heart Pizza

[Photo: Shutterstock]

Locanda Distributing 'Locondoms' to Valentine's Day Diners [ESF]

10 Heart-Shaped Foods That Shouldn't Be Heart-Shaped [E]

Enterprising Man Sells Valentine's Day Reservations on Craigslist [E]

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