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The Best Long Reads of the Week: From Chocolate in Space to the Fall of McDonald's CEO

A roundup of worthy weekend reading material.

A stunning carrot dish from Anne-Sophie Pic.
A stunning carrot dish from Anne-Sophie Pic.
Courtesy of Maison Pic

The Rich and Flavorful History of Chocolate in Space

Pilot Mike Melvill was carrying a pocketful of M&Ms when he flew the spaceplane into low-Earth orbit, and at the peak of his flight, he released the candies. "I reached into my pocket and I took out some M&Ms, all different colors, and let them go in front of my face," Melvill later recalled at a post-flight press conference. "And they just spun around like little sparkling things."

The Company Man
Chicago Magazine

To investors and analysts, the departure of Don Thompson was not exactly unexpected. . . . Parents who had happily inhaled Big Macs as kids now consider eating at McDonald’s a sort of vice, like smoking.

In Jiufen, You Can Eat Your Way Through a Miyazaki Film

This is where No-Face and Yubaba sit down with afternoon tea with cake and confections—and you can too. The only difference? There are no (visible) ghosts soaking in hot tubs at Amei, or any of the other teahouses dotting the hills of Jiufen.

How Chocolate and Valentine's Day Mated For Life

When Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI in 1770, she brought her personal chocolate maker to Versailles. The official 'Chocolate Maker to the Queen' created such recipes as "chocolate mixed with orchid bulb for strength, chocolate with orange blossom to calm the nerves, or chocolate with sweet almond milk to aid the digestion."

Is America Ready for Chef Anne-Sophie Pic and Her Impeccable Palate?

Despite the praise and support of her colleagues, it's taken effort for Pic to make it in this man's world of haute cuisine. She credits her success to self-confidence, and what she describes as "deep knowledge of cuisine." "Men are more confident, they hesitate less, and have fewer doubts," she observes.

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