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Pizza Hut Debuts Line of Pizza-Inspired Nail Polish

Colors include "Meat Me After Midnight" and "Poppin Pepperoni."

Pizza Hut Australia/Facebook

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Pizza Hut Australia has launched a very special new menu item: Nail polish. The chain is offering up 35 sets of polish with punny names as part of a promotion, writes Bandt. Interested parties cannot buy the packs, however. They can only win one by writing a "very cheesy" pizza-inspired Valentine's poem.

The set of eight nail polishes include colors like "Say Cheese," "Meat Me After Midnight," "Poppin Pepperoni," and a green polish called "Voracious Veggie." Best of all, they'd make the perfect gift paired with some Taco Bell tattoos for your chain-loving valentine.