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Waitress Arrested for Forging Higher Tips on Customer Receipts

She added $10 to $20 dollars to customers' bills.


It might be a good time leave those credit cards at home: A waitress in Pennsylvania is accused of adding $10 to $20 to customers' bills. According to WTAE, 30-year-old Gina Haney — who used to waitress at an Italian restaurant called Lucci's — was arrested for adding a 1 or 2 in front of single digit tips left by customers paying with a credit or debit card.

The restaurant noticed the forgeries when two customers called to complain about overcharges on the same day. Josh Wolf, the restaurant's manager, gathered all of Haney's receipts and noticed she had pulled the scheme on 20 customers between September and December. Wolf tells the news station that staff members " tried to go through and get as many of the customers' names, numbers and call them and take care of it and refund them."

Police say that Haney confessed to stealing the money to "support a drug addiction." During her arraignment on Wednesday, Haney told the judge that she "struggled with a heroin addiction but has been clean for two months." The Associated Press notes, however, that Haney denied knowing anything about the charges in court even though police say she confessed.

While Haney stole from customers, another woman was caught stealing from a restaurant in Maryland earlier this month. Police say that a 57-year-old Donna Prouty managed to siphon $2,500 from a local restaurant by using the mobile app that restaurant employees kept on their phones to accept payments to transfer money from the restaurant's accounts to her own.

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