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London's Hippest New Pop-Up Serves Pizza on a Double Decker Bus

The bus features a wood-fired oven and seating for 34.

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London's craziest new pop-up is located inside one of the city's iconic double decker buses. According to the Telegraph, the restaurant — called The Crust Conductor — launched earlier this month. It serves up a rotating menu of wood-fired pizzas with names like "Retired Gangster," "Not So American, But Hot," and a clam- and anchovy-topped pie called the "Aqua Marina." The bus also houses a wood-fired oven, a DJ booth-cum-cocktail bar, and seats for 34 people.

Owner Jonny Henfrey — who also owns the Gowlett Arms pub — tells the Telegraph that the bus was a "spur of the moment purchase almost two years ago." He wanted a way to sell "crispy pizzas" at festivals and "on the road." Londonist writes that the bus is actually a restored version of a double decker from the 1980s.

London's pop-up scene has become quite quirky lately. Earlier this week, cookie company McVitie's hosted a two day pop-up that allowed customers to pay for their tea and snacks with hugs. Called McVitie's Cuddle Café, it was the "company's answer" to a recent study which revealed that "nearly three quarters of Brits would like more cuddles in their life." In January, London was also home to a poker-themed pop-up where customers could win discounts (or a free meal) depending on how well they did at a few rounds of poker.