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Never Burn Popcorn Again With This Visual Infrared Microwave

The "Better Microwave" might change the way you "cook" forever.

Engineer Mark Rober, who's best known for showing off his awesome inventions on YouTube, has designed a major microwave upgrade: As Gizmodo reports, Rober has patented an infrared microwave that allows non-cooks to "see through" their microwave windows and gauge a food's doneness level by its displayed heatmap. According to Rober, the "Better Microwave" uses an infrared lends to capture the heat absorbed by food: That image (red for hot, blue for cold, and white if the item is fully heated through) can then be viewed via an LED screen placed on the front of the microwave, or even through the owner's smartphone. Rober hints that a smartphone could also be used to add more cook time to the microwave, should the dish inside not turn totally white after its first go.

In his YouTube explainer, Rober says he already has financial backers for the project and is gauging interest for his idea on Interested consumers are encourage to sign up for updates, should the product ever legitimately hit the market. Watch Rober explain his invention in the video below:

Video: A NEW Microwave Invention

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