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Maine Lawmaker Wants to Outlaw 'Cheater Pint Glasses'

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A State Senator boldly speaks out against "deceptive" pint glasses.

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Maine state senator John Patrick is keeping a watchful eye on your beer pours: The AP reports Patrick, a 15-year state senator, is advocating for a law that would mandate all "pints" hold at least 16 ounces. The mandate, Patrick argues, would eliminate the problem of "deceptive pints" or "short pours" — aka when bars sell consumers a "pint" of beer that actually holds 14 or 15 ounces, shortchanging the consumer in the process. According to the Oxford Hills Sun Journal, the 16-ounce mandate affects pints poured at bars, restaurants, and brewery tasting rooms, and "barkeeps could not consider foam that forms during the pour part of the pint measure." The suggested measure has already drawn criticism from the Maine Restaurant Association and local brewers, who argue they'd take on additional costs from having to purchase new glassware.

For those who loudly point out if and when bars are serving a "dishonest pint," Patrick's concern is a legitimate one. But sometimes, the consumer benefits from mislabeled glassware: Back in 2011, Seattle's Qwest Field accidentally served 20 ounces of beer to customers who ordered a "small" 16-ounce pint, unaware that the two glass sizes were the same. (Fans were outraged to discover they'd been needlessly paying more for the 20-ounce "large" glass.)

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