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Momofuku Is Now Bottling a Korean Chili-Based 'Ssäm Sauce'

Is it the next Sriracha?

Courtesy of Momofuku

Has Momofuku's lab and research kitchen invented the next Sriracha? The restaurant group — owned by chef David Chang — tweeted out today that it plans on bottling and selling a Korean chili sauce called Ssäm Sauce. A spokesperson notes that the sauce "was developed" by and is produced by the Momofuku team. There aren't many details yet, only that the sauce is fiery red in color and that it is "coming soon."

The Ssäm Sauce isn't Momofuku's first foray into bottled sauces: The company used to sell a line of cooking sauces through Williams-Sonoma. Flavors included "Clay Pot," which featured ingredients like lemongrass, star anise, and cinnamon; and "Braising Sauce," which had pear, apple juice, and habanero peppers. A spokesperson for the company confirms to Eater that the Williams-Sonoma-exclusive sauces are no longer available.

Momofuku also sells two fermented products — hozon and bonji — which are miso- and soy sauce- like products respectively. However, those products are currently only found on the menus of restaurants like Estela (NYC) and Benu (SF), and are not available for home use. Fingers crossed that's not the case for Ssäm Sauce.