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Make Out with a Stranger, Get a Free Smothered Burrito at Qdoba

Who needs Tinder when the world has Qdoba?


Who needs money when you can just pay for food with selfieshugs, and now, kisses? According to a press release, burrito-chain Qdoba's latest cheesy promotional stunt involves making out with strangers. The restaurant is offering customers the chance at a free smothered burrito and some action on Valentine's Day, because hey, they really care. All guests have to do is order one smothered burrito and then engage in the "saucy task" of sharing a "a smooch with a loved one, friend or even a willing stranger." Upon doing that, the Qdoba staff will reward you with a second smothered burrito for free.

Get a free smothered burrito and some action on Valentine's Day, because hey, Qdoba really cares.

The chain is also encouraging customers to take selfies while making out, and post the photos with the hashtag #Smothered4aSmooch to prove to the world that they didn't sit at home crying into a pint of Ben and Jerry's this Valentine's Day. No, instead they grabbed life by the horns, kissed a stranger, and ate a free smothered burrito. The Onion talked to some strangers about the promotion and got their take:

If saucy burritos aren't really your thing, but you're still in the market for a lovely Valentine's Day meal at a chain, be sure to head to a Waffle House. The restaurant is taking reservations for the special day and rolling out white tablecloths, candles, and even a "craft tailored menu" that may or may not feature heart-shaped hash browns.

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