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Delta Now Brewing Starbucks Coffee at 39,000 Feet

It's Delta's latest attempt to up its on-board food options.


Just a couple months after announcing it would serve craft beer on-board its flights, Delta Airlines would like to cure your altitude-induced hangover with some name-brand coffee. Earlier this week, the airline announced it'll serve coffee by caffeinated mega-corporation Starbucks, with its Pike Place Roast and decaf options now brewed on-board all flights. Delta had previously served coffee by Seattle's Best. (And it's not the only airline to partner with Starbucks. Unsurprisingly, the Seattle-based Alaska Airlines also offers Starbucks-branded coffee on its flights.)

But the Atlanta-based Delta has significantly upped its on-board food offerings lately. In addition to adding beer options from Blue Point Brewing Company, Brooklyn Brewery, and five other craft breweries, the airline tapped ATL chef Linton Hopkins to improve in-flight food options. "I know for a fact no one should have bad food anywhere," Hopkins told CBS News about his on-board menu — though his gussied up offerings are only available in "premium class." Delta's corporate arm also has a "sky sommelier" to help select wines; could a "sky Starbucks barista" follow suit?

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