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Shake Shack Opens First Baltimore Location February 16

The location will feature two special custard concretes.

Shake Shack

Cult-loved burger chain Shake Shack is opening its first-ever Baltimore, Maryland location on February 16According to a press release, the restaurant will be located across from the National Aquarium and will feature the standard Shake Shack fare of burgers, hot dogs, custards, and the controversial crinkle-cut fries.

There will be two special frozen custard concretes unique to the location: The "Pratt St. Pie oh My," which features vanilla custard with a slice of blueberry pancake pie from local bakery Dangerously Delicious, and the "Salty Balty," which is a mix of chocolate and vanilla custard with chocolate truffle cookie dough, cheesecake blondie pieces, and sea salt. Also on the menu is the Shark Attack — chocolate custard with a slurry of chocolate toppings — which originated at Shake Shack's flagship location in New York City. For the decor, the walls are clad in "reclaimed antique barn siding" and as is standard, the tabletops are made from "reclaimed bowling alley lanes hand-crafted" in Brooklyn.

It's been a big few weeks for Shake Shack: On top of announcing new locations in Maryland and New Jersey, the company went public at the end of January. The chain's IPO was incredibly successful: Analysts expected the price per share to be somewhere between $14 and $19 but it began trading at $21.