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Father Claims Baby Was Exposed to Cocaine in Burger King Bathroom

The alleged drugs were "disposed of" before the police could test them.


A father is claiming his one-year-old stepson found cocaine in the bathroom of a Burger King in Liverpool, England. According to the Mirror, Donovan Whittam — who was dining with his family at the chain — went to the restroom to change his stepson's diaper. It was there that he noticed a small plastic bag filled with white powder. Whittam put his stepson down on the table and apparently turned away "briefly." When he turned back, the little boy's hands were coated with white powder from the bag, which Whittam believes was cocaine.

Whittam, who used to work as a doorman, told the Liverpool Echo: "I know about these things. The bag is the same style of bag that I've seen used in clubs. I've seen bags like that dumped in toilets." The little boy's mother wanted to take him to the emergency room, but Whittam convinced her she didn't need to because her son hadn't put any of his fingers in his mouth. Strangely, the bag supposedly filled with drugs was "disposed of" before police could test them. Burger King tells the paper that it "does not tolerate drug use or other illegal activities" in its restaurants and that it has spoken to the franchisee who owns the location in question. The owner apparently confirmed that the bathroom was "cleaned and sanitized immediately."

Thankfully for the family the cocaine wasn't found inside their child's food. Chain restaurants have a history of accidentally serving up dishes with drugs. Last May, a couple went to the police after their McDonald's burger was "covered with weed." Another woman in Georgia was sent to the hospital after she ate a Wendy's cheeseburger that contained a half-smoked joint.

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