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Watch How a Classic Po' Boy Loaf Is Made

Bread at its finest.

Perhaps the greatest food item associated with New Orleans, the po' boy sandwich is a relatively simple thing. It's typically a healthy portion of fried seafood or roast beef and gravy; dressed with lettuce, tomato, and mayo; and served on a baguette-like loaf. The quality filling is obviously important, but the right bread is really what separates a po' boy from any old sandwich. Anyone who's had a po' boy on good bread will accept no substitute.

This video from Mind of a Chef shows how po' boy loaves from New Orleans's John Gendusa Bakery come to life. They're baked using the same formula that was used in the 1920s, resulting in an iconic taste. The final product is a crisp outer crust and fluffy interior — exactly the quality good po' boy bread should have. These loaves go out to Gene's Poboys and Parran's Po-boys to serve as the star of the respective restaurants' sandwiches.

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