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McDonald's Launches Standalone McCafe in Toronto

The company's Canadian branch is going in a new direction.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Ever evolving, McDonald's has launched a new concept in Canada. The company's first McCafe restaurant is in business at Toronto's Union Station, and a second is planned to open at the city's First Canadian Place early next year. President and CEO of McDonald's Canada John Betts says the new McDonald's-branded cafe is something the people have been wanting.

"We're putting the café in McCafé and making the brand a destination in its own right," Betts said in an announcement."The new standalone McCafé locations allow us to build on our strong coffee credentials and create even stronger connections with our brand by offering our guests the more complete café menu they've been asking us for."

McCafe isn't the place to find Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with Cheese. The new restaurant offers croissants, danishes, sandwiches, and salads such as the Quinoa Edamame Mandarin Salad — quinoa at McDonald's; what a country. Because McDonald's Canada hasn't adopted all-day breakfast like its U.S. counterpart, McCafe serves the Egg McMuffin from open to close. McCafe is smaller than the typical McDonald's restaurant, and it's meant to have an "on the go" vibe.

There's no word yet on whether McDonald's plans to bring the concept stateside. Representatives for the company have not responded to Eater requests for comment.