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A Puppy, Baby, and Ice Cream Make for the Internet's Most Adorable Video

This one has it all.

The brilliant folks at Mind of a Chef have done it again. No, it's not a cooking demonstration featuring David Kinch or an episode preview — it's a video of a baby and a dog sharing some ice cream. It's the kind of video that makes the Internet forget about all other videos.

Let's break this thing down. First, it's shot in black and white and the climactic bars from Pagliacci serves as the soundtrack — so dramatic. Then you have a cute little toddler enjoying an ice cream cone and his little French bulldog pal, eyes filled with want. Just when it seems the pup — his name is Winston, apparently — will be left with nothing but jealousy, the heroic child offers a taste of his cone. To top it off, the kid goes back in for another lick after Winston gets his taste. This is true friendship.

Mind of a Chef's description sums it up perfectly: "It was love at first sight for Winston the Puppy. Watch and see if Winston's food dream comes true. Laughter, tears, joy and sorrow: It's all here and it's magical."

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