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'Celebrities in Ramen' Is the Best Thing You'll See on the Internet Today

Why yes, that is Dr. Gregory House standing on a slab of chashu pork.

The narcissistic tendencies of social media can sometimes be too much to bear for the average internet user, but thankfully Instagram has some particularly weird and wild offerings to contrast with all the girls in crop tops and gym mirror selfies. The steamiest thing to hit our feeds thus far might just be this account featuring celebrities Photoshopped into bowls of ramen. Though @celebrities_in_ramen is just a month old, it's already featured everyone from Bill Murray and Leonardo DiCaprio to Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Adele chilling among noodles, nori, and chashu pork, not to mention world leaders like Vladimir Putin peering eerily out from soup spoons. And yes, that is hunky Idris Elba pensively staring out from his perch atop a soft-boiled egg.

Combine it with the bread-smushing antics of @breadfaceblog and you'll have a nutritionally balanced and truly bizarre internet meal. Below, some highlights from this delightfully off-kilter Instagram account:

Look everybody, it's Republican front-runner Donald Trump drowning in a bowl of soup:

Oprah says, "You get an onsen egg, you get an onsen egg, everybody gets an onsen egg!"

Is an awfully pensive looking Chris Pratt plotting how to take down the Indominus Rex, or trying to decide if his soup needs more chili oil?

O.J. Simpson's infamous black glove still doesn't fit, even when lubed up by fatty tonkotsu broth:

Meanwhile, Kevin Spacey (as cunning politician Frank Underwood) has gotten himself into a real noodle:

When he's not perfecting his Dad dancing, "Hotline Bling" singer Drake is taking a load off in a steamy bowl of soup:

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